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9 ATG Dynamo Interview Questions With Answers

When preparing for ATG Dynamo Jobs reviewing a list of ATG Dynamo interview questions can help you to pave your way toward a successfully job interview and corresponding offer.

I hope these help you succeed at securing that Dynamo ATG job you are wanting.

*** Question 1 ***
Q: Define ATG Dynamo.
A: ATG Dynamo, also known as Dynamo Application Server (DAS) or Dynamo ATG is an app server based on J2EE that the Art Technology Group created.

Q: Define ATG framework.
A: The ATG framework is used for building Web applications which can run on JBOSS, WebLogic, WebSphere and other J2EE application servers.

Q: How do the terms ATG Dynamo and ATG framework interact?
A: The ATG framework is used by Dynamo ATG.

*** Question 2 ***
Q: Describe the meaning of scope Dynamo ATG components.
A: ATG components have 3 types of scopes including request, session & global.

Q: Which scope is considered to be the default scope?
A: Global

*** Question 3 ***
Q: What ATG Dynamo base class is extended when creating form handlers?

*** Question 4 ***
Q: Droplets are created by what Dynamo ATG base class?

*** Question 5 ***
Q: What form handlers are involved with checkout?
A: ShoppingCartFormHandler

Q: What methods are involved with checkout?
A: Many, including handleMoveToConfirm

*** Question 6 ***
Q: Name 7 common elements a user may see during checkout through ATG Dynamo.
A: Add to shopping cart, Login, Billing address, Payment, eMail confirmation, Confirm button, Shipped eMail address.

*** Question 7 ***
Q: Describe the process for comparing strings in Java.  For example, if string a=”test” and string b=”test” what would a==b identify?
A: a==b means that both a & b are referencing the same constant string.

*** Question 8 ***
Q: Describe the meaning of ATG Repository?
A: Using ATG Dynamo, this is the process for entering into a Database using programs while keeping the actual application logic apart from the Database.

*** Question 9 ***
Q: Identify Nucleus in Dynamo ATG.
A: The core of ATG Dynamo is the nucleus which is also known as the Object Application Framework.

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